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Date of birth 06-04-2023
Gender Unsexed



An exciting combination and maybe the most commercial yet from the stars of the modern sport!

Most notably known after her rider’s Daniel Bluman’s words of ‘a true warrior’ Sancha LS is not an ordinary horse. The 1.60m level wondermare jumped the Olympics at the age of only 9, after which she completed the World Equestrian Games in Caen, adding up to 3 championships in only 4 years! She is a daughter of the famous Sonora La Silla who also gave us Tizmin LS and Zodiac 4, both 1.60m performers. From her sire, legendary Chin Chin, sire of the great 1.60m VDL Groep Eureka (dam of Cabala SA Z), Bertram Allen’s 1.65m Gin Chin van het Lindenhof, 1.60m Arezzo VDL and so many more, she brings the extra power and carefulness.

Comme Il Faut’s future accomplishments have been imprinted in his bloodline, with Ratina Z, the double Olympic champion as his mother. He won the CSI5* Stephex Masters, the NC Final of Barcelona, the Prague GCL PLayoffs of 2018 besides more 1.60 Grand Prix. Like his legendary sire, Cornet Obolensky, Comme Il Faut has also sired many 1.60m horses: Gregory Whatelet’s Faut-Il des 7 Vallons (1.60m), Christian Kukuk’s Cemal 3 (1.60m), Corsari van de Helle (1.60m) and many more.

Give way to this future star!

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