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These terms of use are applicable to the website www.scuderia-sa.auction and other websites administered by Scuderia SA (referred to hereafter as “Websites”). By using these Websites you agree to accept and comply with these terms of use.

These Websites are administered by Scuderia SA Ltd., 2073 Tök Kis sor 21., Hungary, company registration number No. 13-09-203935 (referred to hereafter as “Scuderia SA”). Contact can be made via the Website (see "Contact" section) or via email at office@scuderia-sa.com.

Intellectual Property Rights

Unless otherwise specified, all information on these Websites (including photos, logos, layout, audio(visual) content, text, animations, graphic design and look&feel) and (each element of) the Websites themselves (including source codes and software) (collectively referred to hereafter as "Content") are the exclusive material and intellectual property of Scuderia SA. Every use (including modifications, reproductions, sales, rentals and public communications) of the Content is subject to the prior, express written consent of Scuderia SA.

Certain Content involves protected trademarks, registered trademarks or otherwise registered designs. This Content also cannot be used without express written consent.

The use of these Websites, the possibility of copying certain Content or any other reason cannot therefore be considered an implicit transfer or licence relating to the Content.

Personal Data

The personal information that you transfer during your use of the Websites (e.g. whilst sending messages to Scuderia SA) is processed by Scuderia SA via a select number of specialised staff. This information will only be used to send you personal messages and newsletters, which are always provided with the possibility to 'unsubscribe'. Your details will not be passed on to third parties. However, as part of fraud prevention or legal/other proceedings this information may possibly be shared with the relevant authorities and/or specialised companies, who will not use this information for marketing purposes.

During a visit to the Websites, so-called 'cookies" may automatically be stored on the hard disk of your computer, which allow us to tailor the Website to visitor wishes and preferences (e.g. remembering your language preferences so that you don't have choose it every time you use the Websites). If you agree to the use of cookies during one visit to the Websites, then these cookies can be used during future visits to these pages. On most Internet browsers you can remove cookies from your hard disk, dismiss cookies or receive a notification before a cookie is installed. Consult your internet browser's instructions or help function for more details. If you do not (or no longer) agree to the use of cookies then certain parts of the Websites may not or may only partially be accessible.

In addition, it is not excluded that Scuderia SA may use so-called 'tracking technology' in order to collect details, amongst others, regarding the domain name of the Website from which a visitor has arrived at the Websites and that of the site to which they are leaving. This allows traffic to and from the Website to be analysed, as well as the profile of the users of these Websites.

You have the right to access and correct your personal details, as well as the right to freely object to the processing of your details for the sending of newsletters and/or personal messages. You can send Scuderia SA an access, correction or objection request via email to office@scuderia-sa.com.

Permitted use of the Websites

The Websites are exclusively designed for your personal, non-commercial use. The Websites may not (either in part or as a whole) be downloaded, printed or stored and/or reproduced in any other way.

Non-permitted use of the Websites

You undertake, amongst others:

-          not to use these Websites or the information contained within them in an unlawful or illegal way;

-          not to use these Websites in such a way that they are damaged, altered, disrupted or otherwise made less efficient;

-          not to use the Websites in such a way that the rights of an individual person, a natural person or an association are infringed, including but not limited to the right to privacy and the right to intellectual property.

Scuderia SA has the right, on its own initiative and without prior warning, to take all measures necessary should you breach these terms of use, or should Scuderia SA suspect that the integrity of its Websites and the normal functioning thereof are at risk.

Liability of Scuderia SA

1) Information on the Websites

The Websites are available to you in the state in which you find them. The Content offered on or via these Websites may contain different types of imperfections. Scuderia SA cannot guarantee the suitability, reliability, timeliness or accuracy of this Content and expressly reserves the right to modify this Content at any time.

Scuderia SA shall not be liable for any direct or indirect, material or immaterial damages resulting from the use of these Websites and/or any site that leads to them.

Furthermore, Scuderia SA shall not be liable for any possible viruses or spyware that may appear, despite the precautions taken on the Websites, and will reject any form of liability for the damage that such viruses or spyware might cause.

2) Links to other websites

These Websites may contain links to other websites and third-party pages or otherwise mention them. The rights holders of these web pages can direct any correction or objection request to Scuderia SA via email to office@scuderia-sa.com.

Scuderia SA has no control over the content or other features of these third-party websites or web pages and shall in no way be liable for the content or features thereof. The placing of links by Scuderia SA is not an explicit approval of the content of these websites or web pages. Moreover Scuderia SA is not party to or liable for any transaction that you undertake with a third-party, even if you know the third party or are redirected to it via the Website. You also agree that Scuderia SA is not responsible for the availability of such external sites and shall not be liable for any content, services, products or other material on or available through these websites.

3) Availability of the Websites

Scuderia SA will maintain the Websites to the best of its ability and aims to make them available. Scuderia SA does however have the right to change the Websites in part or as a whole, as well as to make these temporarily unavailable without prior notification. Scuderia SA can therefore not be held liable for any change or unavailability of the Websites.

Links to the Website

Placing hyperlinks to the Websites is only allowed if these hyperlinks lead to the homepage of the site. Deep linking is not permitted without the prior written consent of Scuderia SA. The use of these Websites on sites or on parts of third-party websites (such as through in-line linking, framing or any other means) is also forbidden.

Passwords and protected parts of the Website

You will need a password in order to access certain parts of the Website. Access to these parts without a password is strictly forbidden. If you have received a password, this must be kept secret and confidential. You must immediately inform Scuderia SA if one of your passwords becomes known to someone other than yourself, or if you have received this password from someone other than Scuderia SA. Any use made of our services after valid authentication using your password shall be deemed to have been carried out by yourself. If Scuderia SA has reason to believe that its Website is exposed to a security risk, Scuderia SA can change your password (without prejudice to its other rights or remedies).

Applicable law and competent courts

The Hungarian law is applicable to this Website. In the event of a dispute, the Central District Court of Pest (Pesti Központi Kerületi Bíróság) shall possess the exclusive competence and jurisdiction to hear and entertain the action.

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