Jan 1, 2023

The year of 2022 was a really special year for Scuderia SA, full of obstacles and successes.

  • Scuderia SA organized two really successful auctions. We are so grateful that our beloved horses found new homes and the Scuderia SA family is becoming bigger and bigger! Wishing good luck and great success to the future stars and their new owners!
  • Our young sporthorses had the opportunity to challenge themselves and develop their skills further at numerous international competitions, such the Scuderia SA sponsored as CSIYH of Šamorín.
  • To encourage the development of the national youth team, we organized our first Pony Academy at Scuderia SA.

What an amazing year! We are looking forward to what 2023 will bring!

If you wish to find your next superstar, you shouldn't wait until the 2023 season, there promising implanted embryos, foals, young horses and sporthorses are available for the time being:

  • Oh d'Eole (Kannan) x Nabab de Reve 2023
  • Damascus SA Z (Goya (Kannan) x Darco) Colt 2022
  • Four Season's SA Z (Arielle (Acord II) x For Pleasure ) Stallion 2021
  • Dannina Ice Z (Charming Ice Z (Crown Z) x D'Aganix 2000 Z) Mare 2021
  • Tagine SA (Jenna van‘t Meulenhof (Diamant de Semilly) x Taloubet Z) Mare 2020
  • Quanta Costa van het Distelhof (Arezzo VDL x Indoctro) Gelding 2017


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